Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blogging on Blogger (or BlogSpot)

I recently started a new blog on WordPress for writing about AutoHotkey–my passion. However, I realized that from time to time I may want to say something about a non-AutoHotkey topic. I could throw it in under the same WordPress blog as "Off-Topic" but that could get pretty messy and confusing. Plus, I wanted to try other free blogging platforms (another possible topic for blogging). That brought me to Blogger (or BlogSpot) which it turns out is owned by Google.

I reserve this blog for my opinions on almost any topic. For example, I plan for my first blog (technically the second blog after this one) to address the decline of Facebook (or as I like to call it "In-Your-Face-Book") and the two factors which will bring it to its knees–one of which is self-inflicted and, possibly, unavoidable. There are a couple of topics which I will avoid on this blog. The first is AutoHotkey since I have another blog specifically for that purpose. The second is politics which has become so polarized that I see little reason throw in my two cents. (If I don't tick off one reader, I will tick off the other.)

I will say that I'm a pragmatist and don't care for the extremes on either the left or the right. My libertarian streak tells me to leave others alone as long as what they don't infringe on other people. It also makes me very suspicious of government intrusion. The problem with government is that it is inherently incompetent. The bigger it is the more incompetent it becomes. It isn't that people don't mean to do well. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." However, there is need for government. The question is "How much and how big?"

I'm a capitalist and have great admiration for entrepreneurs–not so much for those who come after and collect huge salaries for being caretakers. I've been through the cycle myself by starting a business from nothing, then enjoying huge ego-building success only to live through the humbling experience of a complete collapse. I like to think that it has made me older and wiser, but more likely it's just turned me into an old wise guy.

ComputorEdge has become a page of links to other Web pages. Most of them are beginning AutoHotkey tutorial pages. (If you're not using AutoHotkey with your Windows computer, then you should start.) I also have a site cleverly named ComputorEdge E-Books dedicated to selling books–most of which are about AutoHotkey.

Anything I write will be with a purpose and hopefully educational. I tend to avoid controversial statements not because they are inaccurate, but because it is difficult for people to hear while they are yelling at you. Of course, the words in this blog will be "just my opinions", but that doesn't mean that they aren't right and worth heeding.


  1. I see pragmatism as a necessary evil because it always involves compromising on principles (also known as ideals).

  2. OK Jack, I'll be listening to what you have to say.

  3. HI, Jack. I wrote about a dozen articles for the late lamented ComputorEdge Magazine around 1995. Good to see you writing cogently and intelligently as always.

  4. I was hooked on PCs when I first read "Advanced MS-DOS batch file programming" back when DOS did not mean "Disruption of service" or other such hack. I'll give AutoHotkey a try, perhaps it will rekindle something... Thanks!