Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why Donald Trump is a Huge Plus for the Republicans

This is not a political statement or even an political opinion about Donald Trump (or, for that matter, anyone else running for President of the United States). It is merely an observation about the tremendous opportunity that Trump is giving to the nine other top Republican candidates—whoever they may be.

We've heard the spin about how Trump is hurting the Republican brand—as if the GOP is Pepsi or Coke. People certainly hold in mind an overall impression of both the Republican and Democrat parties, but the specific marketing position sticks more with the candidates and officeholders than either party as a whole. Regardless of how Donald Trump fairs in the coming months, the image of the Republican party will take on that of whomever wins the nomination. If it's not Trump (as many believe it won't be), then he will likely fade into the background as an amusement. If it is Trump, then he will become the face of the party. But none of this talk even approaches the most significant impact of Trump running for office—and it has nothing to do with politics.

On August 6th, the first Republican Presidential debate will be held with the main event facing off the top ten in the polls. It is all but certain that Trump will be the headliner—for good or for bad. He is the celebrity who will take the event out of its usual humdrum category into what might be for the purpose of generating viewership the Superbowl of debates. Everyone wants to know what Trump will do next. Will he outrageously attack all the other candidates for being "stupid"? Maybe he will "fire" them all! Will there be fireworks which will take the debate to a new high (or low)? Nobody knows for sure, but there will be plenty of people tuning in for the first time who never before watched one of these usually boring fests. Trump with his no nonsense, off-the-cuff, non-politically correct demeanor can bring in viewers like no one else. Even Democrats are likely to tune-in for this one.

This is a great opportunity for the nine other candidates who are lucky enough to be on the same stage with Trump. (I feel sorry for number ten—whoever he or she will be—who will be nosed out by Trump's surge in the polls and get sent to the second card show held later that same evening.) This is a great opportunity for the other less known contenders to be seen by the millions of people who at this point have no idea who they are. Many people who watch merely to catch some of Trumps antics will be exposed to nine other people vying for the nomination. If they don't blow it, then those participants may just get some useful national attention.

Some might argue that the debate would be more respectable or orderly without Trump. But who would be watching? Only the usual political junkies and political hacks looking for memorable gaffs. With Trump on the stage the whole world will be watching. This is a tremendous opportunity that any political party or candidate should relish. I bet even Hillary wishes she could be up there. Or, maybe not.

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  1. Congratulations on your amazing powers of observation and recognizing the reality that the Republican party (and even Democratic) party did not: the shift of America away from politics as usual. Regardless of the Trump victory, it seems that the People have sent a message; we'll see if either side is listening.
    Rob the ComputorTutor